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  • Service Discount

    The Pit Elevated is showing their support for those that have served with reduced enrollment fees and monthly dues.

  • Refer and Win

    Refer friends and family to receive prizes from now until summer! Your referrals will enjoy a complimentary pass as your guest to The Pit Elevated.

  • Hunger Banquet

    Don't miss UFC Fighter Court McGee speak at the 2014 Hunger Banquet! Step into someone else's shoes for a minute and see what the world is facing, as you learn what true hunger is all about.

  • UFC Fight Night 38

    So far nine fights have been confirmed for UFC’s Fight Night 38 in Brazil on March 23rd. The Pit’s very own Steven Siler is on the fight card scheduled to fight Rony Jason in the featherweight bout.

  • Kids Pizza Party

    This months activity is an obstacle course and pizza party! Kids, be sure to join in on the fun!

  • Showdown Fights

    Find out the results for the Showdown Fight on January 24th featuring Castillo vs. Lopez! Thank you to Showdown Fights for making the event happen.


  • Active on Vacation

    Coach Jason Mertlich gives us some tips on staying in shape while on vacation.

  • Pilates

    Pilates can improve your circulation, abdominal strength, flexibility, posture, and motion no matter where you rank on the fitness scale.

  • Yoga For Dummies

    Most people who haven’t tried yoga would call it ineffective or a waste of time. If that is you, listen up because I am going to break it down for all the dummies.